Asset Server

CIC Fund Ltd.

Collects the principal and

interest payments from obligors and administer the portfolio after the transaction has closed.

Domiciliation Agent

Circumference FS

Provides the administration, registered office, Luxembourg regulatory reporting compliance of the SV. 


RSM Luxembourg 

Provides the annual audit of SV and general accounting advisory.

Corporate Advisor

CIC Capital Ltd.

Act as the Transaction Advisor to the Originator and the SV in all matters of the Securitisation Transaction.

Legal Advisor - General

Ogier Law Luxembourg 

Securitisation legal opinions, sale and purchase agreements, offering documents and transaction law.

IP Law / Valuations

Office Freylinger S.A.

Provides IP legal services, deeds of asset transfer to SV. IP Valuations as a regulated Luxembourg function.


CIC Fund Ltd.

Acting in a fiduciary capacity, the trustee is primarily concerned with preserving investors’ rights. 

Calculation Agent

CIC Fund Ltd.

This entity calculates the "waterfall principal "and interest payments due to creditors and investors.