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Securitisation Services

Securitisation Undertakings and Advisory

  • Analysis of the proposed transaction

  • Advisory on the proposed securitisation model tailored to client situation

  • Corporate, legal and tax advisory

  • Public listing of debt securities both regulated and stock exchange regulated


Securitisation client platform establishment

  • Client securitisation compartment set-up

  • Review of issuance documentation

  • Production of Offering Memorandum,  Subscription Agreement and Securities


Domiciliation and administration

  • Provision of registered office

  • Central administration


Securitisation vehicle client accounting

  • Bookkeeping-accounting

  • Preparation of NAV calculation

  • Financial reporting (CRS, FATCA)

  • Communication with regulator

  • Supervision of audit process


Regulatory compliance

  • Compliance review

  • Communication with regulator

  • Tax compliance

Securitisation Undertakings Definition


Securitisation is the conversion of an intangible asset or a future cash flow into marketable securities, for the purpose of raising working capital, creating liquidity, by selling the securities to external investors.

CIC Securitisation Platform


Often referred to as the "SV" ascribed to the term "organisme de titrisation" in the Securitisation Law which carry out the Securitisation in full, and assuming all or part of the securitised risks, the issuing of securities to ensure the financing transaction. CIC Securitisation articles of incorporation, management regulations allow for seven compartments. These compartments are stand alone and allow for one compartment for each client  transaction subject to the provisions of the Securitisation Law. 

Luxembourg Regulator (CSSF) Supervision


Luxembourg SV's are in principle unregulated entities and not subject to authorisation or prudential supervision, unless they issue securities to the public on a continuous basis. In such a case, SV's must be authorised by and will be subject to supervision of the CSSF (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier). Minimum debt note securities issued are  125,000  per note.

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